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JUMP N2 Shape is a city driven regional challenge to reduce the incidence of obesity in our community by 5% in the next five years. We are striving to get the region to be more active by encouraging individuals, families, and entire communities to join us as we unite together to motivate each other to adopt healthier lifestyles. 


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JUMP N2 Shape is a free online program that can be tailored to fit anyone’s current lifestyle. Participants select personal goals and then track progress on those goals through the integrated website. Information and tools are available on the website to assist participants in getting started, making healthy changes, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Mobile App Available

The Jump N2 Shape mobile app for iPhone is now available on the App Store! 

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Mayor Slay's Sustainability Plan

Our goal is to reduce obesity by 5% by 2018. In conjunction with other programming, partnerships, and collaborations- a regional weight loss challenge- Jump N2 Shape was founded to attain this goal. Read More